Why Load Weasel for Hopper Loads?

Finding hopper loads on the internet just keeps getting easier when you use Load Weasel because we have a very unique way to notify you when hopper loads become available in your area. Once you register with Load Weasel you have the ability to be notified of hopper loads based on location and the type of equipment you have on your trucks. Now you no longer have to go out searching for bulk loads or hopper loads they simply come to you. This feature is often referred to as push technology and Load Weasel can send it to you through email or even right to your phone by a text message. Hunting for those hopper loads all over the internet just got a lot easier. Find out how to get your account and stop hunting for hopper loads today. Click Here

What is a Load Board?

The idea of a load board dates back to the days before the internet when there was a physical board that had all the local loads (hopper loads) listed on them. Truckers, Brokers and other people in the load industry would then call in and request a load off the board. Once the technology advanced there was first a system that connected multiple servers together before the internet was popular. Once the popularity of the internet was abundant this idea was easily transformed into a website that hosted such loads and hopper loads. This meant that people no longer needed to call the board for loads they could simply use their computers to get loads themselves. Services like Load Weasel are now the reference point for getting information on hopper loads.

I am mobile how can I get hopper loads on my phone?

There are a couple of ways to get hopper loads from your phone, the first is use a smart phone with internet service and just like a computer or laptop you can find and locate hopper loads easily while at truck stops or unloading your hopper loads. Another way to get hopper load information on your phone is to setup an account on Load Weasel to notifiy you of hopper loads in a specified area and Load Weasel will automaticaly send you text messages when a hopper load is available in that area with the specified equipment requirements. Stop working so hard and let the Weasel work for you, get started today Click Here.

What is load matching and can I get Load Matching for Hopper Loads?

Load matching is simple, you select what type of equipment you have on your truck; for instance: hopper bottom, end dump, walking floor and you also select where your located or where your truck is located and Load Weasel shows you the closest load to your truck with your equipment requirements. Then you can also choose what direction your headed and many times Load Weasel can get you home. Then your truck can go with a full load and come home with a full load too. Limiting your dead heading and increasing your revenues; great for the transportation industry as a whole. Searching for hopper loads this way is easy and economical. Get the Weasel working for you today Click Here.

What is a Hopper?

A hopper trailer permits the use of gravity for unloading. The hopper trailer has a sloping floor and hinged openings near the bottom or on the underside. When the unloading doors are swung open, the contents of the hopper trailer flow out. Tools known as vibrators can be used to shake the hopper trailer to encourage the contents to empty out completely, without leaving behind any pockets or deposits. Many hopper trailers have up to four separate bays for cargo, each with their own unloading doors, which allows for very rapid unloading since all four doors can be opened at once.

Some hopper loads trailers do not have a hopper bottom loads they utilize a walking floor or type of conveyor belt that moves the product from the trailer to the back or end of the hopper trailer and some are simply large dump truck styles called end dump trailers.

Although there are many ways to move bulk loads and many different types of trailers they can rarely be utilized for any other type of loads or industry. They are specific for the bulk loads market.